Well hey yal! Here we are at the change of a season again. For us, that means we’ll slowly stop melting and resume some sort of reconstituted shape of our pre-summer selves. It also means it’s time for a table reset! Our new fall tabletop collection is here and we’re super pumped to start zhushing up and embracing the hygge. (That term isn’t over is it?) 

Furbish Matchbook Prints

As you may have guessed, we don’t usually “underdo” it. The beauty of each of our new collections, however, is that every piece is meant to vibe on its own or be mixed in with other prints or solids to feel seamless. We can take the guesswork out of being a maximalist or you can freelance your own creative vision to suit your one-of-a-kind style.

Fall Tabletop: Don't 'Underdo' It

Typically we’ll start with the tablecloth to drive the rest of the show. Let’s say you start with the Nikita as your base. You could layer our Beale placemats with the Icon Linen napkin in Lilac & Cherry for a vibrant, over-the-top-hay-yal-its-fall look OR you could add a chic, simple charger like these and the Wilshire table runner for a more subtle, traditional, Fall tabletop.

Styling Your Fall Table

Don’t forget to look into our selection of napkin rings and candlesticks- easy ways to add some oomph and layers to your table scape. Consider adding in a floral moment like this or that - dried arrangements are a great, reusable option and make things easy! Get wild and add in some funky texture-giving elements like dried pampas (or whatever these are) or MAYBE even some tiny pumpkins or squash associates. (We’re terrified of triggering the anti-PSL crowd.) Are you really trying to go hard at hostessing? Try some charming-meets-chic placecard holders like these or these

Regardless of where you start with planning your next dinner party, we’ve got what you need for setting your fall table. The main thing is that you can trust the Furbish formula - it all works together, whether you’re doing the most or simply just trying to add a little color to your fall dinners. It really is choose your own adventure!    

This Fall Tabletop may be your vibe.

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